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Sunbelt’s Advanced class program is by recommendation only and is intended for girls ages 6 and up.

This program is the highest level of training provided without entering our USAG Competitive Team Program. The Advanced class program is intended for girls who have completed class training at the Intermediate level, or who demonstrate mastery of Intermediate skills.

Advanced level students work on more advanced skills, and many are involved in gymnastics at their junior or senior high schools.

Day Class Type Class Time Length Of Class (hr) Age Range
Monday Advanced 6:00 PM 1.5 hr 7-13
Tuesday Advanced 3:45 PM 1.5 hr 8-11
Wednesday Advanced 4:30 PM 1.5 hr 7-11
Thursday Advanced 3:30 PM 1.5 hr 8-11
Thursday Advanced 4:30 PM 1.5 hr 10-14
Saturday Advanced 10:00 PM 1.5 hr 8-13